• Dietmar Lutz

April 7 - May 28, 2005

Other exhibits

Two years after the first exhibition in Italy of work by the German artist Dietmar Lutz, Alberto Peola Gallery is showing a new series, called Controfigura.

The central theme in this series of work is again the male body, shown in different situations - before the ruins of a classical temple, in a mountain landscape, on the edge of a swimming pool, within a closed space. The first of these pieces shows a man photographing himself in front of a mirror. In one pair of paintings, exhibited opposite each other, we can the same person depicted, as if the image were a reflection. 
The exhibition's title, Controfigura (Stand-in), recalls the figure that takes the place of actors in films, a double. The theme running through all this work is precisely the body doubling for itself, where the subject both portrays and represents himself. 
The exhibition comprises seven acrylic paintings on canvas and seven watercolours on paper.