• Dietmar Lutz

May 6 - June 28, 2003

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This is the first exhibition in Italy of the German artist Dietmar Lutz. The exhibition, organized by Alberto Peola Gallery, presents a series a work inspired by Thomas Bernhard’s novel Frost.
The subjects of these large scale paintings have been taken from photographs that the artist took when he was sixteen and seventeen years old, and from recent photographs of friends. The landscape which serves as a background to his work is a small village in the south of Germany where Lutz lived until he was seventeen.

The artist has adopted acrylic on canvas for this series. The quick, wide brushstrokes in these paintings are most clearly evident in the diverse density of the colour rather than in the thickness of the material, whose surface in fact appears flat and clean. The sensation that can be drawn from them is one of lightness and calm, freshness and ease. Only now and again tiny lumps of colour can be picked out, as if to remind us of the physicality that we expect to find from a gestural and energetic style such as Lutz’s.

Dietmar Lutz was born in Germany in 1968. He lives and works in London.

Most important exhibitions:
2003 German Painting 2003, Kunstverein, Frankfurt. 
2002 Geometry of the heart (series inspired by Teorema by Pasolini andFaustrecht der Freiheit by Fassbinder), Emily Tsingou, London. 
2001 Neuer Kunstverein, Aachen; Kunstverein, Düsseldorf; White rabbit, New Langstan Arts, San Francisco
Anthony d’Offay, London; NICC, Antwerp, Belgium (with Hobbypop Museum)