Officina Malanotte

10.06.2023 > 09.07.2023

curated by Daniele Capra
Bonotto Delle Tezze, Tezze di Piave - Vazzola (TV)

The second edition of Officina Malanotte, a project of contemporary art and cultural revitalization in the countryside of the Treviso area, consists of an artist residency, an exhibition, and meetings to foster dialogue between the world of art, culture, and wine in the historical premises of the company, which will be temporarily transformed into art studios for the artists Jingge Dong, Laura Pugno, Aleksander Velišček, and Lucia Veronesi. An experience of art and coexistence that aims to transcend the physical boundaries of the estate, amplifying connections, dialogue with the territory and its communities.

ph © Nico Covre

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