21.07.2023 > 24.09.2023

curated by HeeJung Kim
testo di Giovanna Calvenzi
DongGang Museum of Photography - DongGang International Photofestival, Yeongwol (KOR)

The Main International Exhibition serves as the flagship exhibition of the DongGang International Photo Festival, designed to promote the Korean photo culture by showcasing the latest global trend in the world of photography. This year’s exhibition will feature 200 renowned works by 11 contemporary Italian maestros. Covering a diverse range of works including landscape, still life, portrait, and architecture photography, the exhibition provides a captivating insight into how these artists engage with the world and present their unique interpretations. From their early works to their more mature creations, the exhibition provides a chronological journey through the history of contemporary Italian photography, fostering mutual understanding between cultures through the medium of art.

Antonio Biasiucci
Ferdinando Scianna
Guido Guidi
Marialba Russo
Mario Cresci
Massimo Vitali
Olivo Barbieri
Paola de Pietri 
Paolo Pellegrin
Paolo Ventura
Vincenzo Castella

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