Camere con vista

06.07.2023 > 01.10.2023

curated by Cristiana Colli and Carlo Birrozzi
Rocca Roveresca, Senigallia

Camere con vista. San Benedetto/Pesaro. Andata e ritorno, the winning project of the Strategia Fotografia 2022 public call promoted by the General Directorate of Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, showcases the works of three artists – Luca Capuano, Paola De Pietri, Pierluigi Giorgi – engaged in different paths and research, with documentary approaches and artistic perspectives that have a strong experimental content, but all united by reflection on the landscape as a central theme of study, attention, and formal reflection. The initiative is curated by the Demanio Marittimo.Km-278 Association in collaboration with the Marche Regional Museum Directorate led by Luigi Gallo, with ICCD – Central Institute for Cataloging and Documentation of the Ministry of Culture, and with ISIA Urbino.

"The commissioned project is an Adriatic journey of transit and stay, an experience of the places along the coastline, railway tracks that touch the sea at the foot of the hills, tourism that has shaped urban and social development, aesthetics, and forms of community," explain curators Cristiana Colli and Carlo Birrozzi. "The inner dimension of spaces and the layout of the 'with view' gaze give a personal perception that brings people together, introducing an idea of citizenship that finds different forms of belonging in objects, places, and relationships. With authorial freedom, nomadism of the gaze and perception, the authors capture the Adriatic constants of imagination – lifestyle, entertainment, care, pleasure – and develop attention that enhances the vacation experience in Italy in its diffused and molecular forms. The languages of integrated cultural communication, online and offline, reveal the matrices and perspectives of the human and social landscape – identity, individual stories, and collective processes – contained within the infinite rooms with a view."

The experience – articulated through languages and research fronts – has also been the focus of design workshops and support for students from ISIA Urbino – selected from various courses at the school – as a form of engagement with contemporary knowledge and practice. It will be visible in the form of a book as the outcome of the multidisciplinary training project.

Camere con vista is a commission where the space of investigation is a boundary between inside and outside, between the nature of the hills and the sea and the constructed elements of horizontal axes that cross the landscape, reaching the intimacy of places as shelter, experience, and temporary personal history. Villas, colonies, guesthouses, small hotels, and condominiums are repositories and devices, starting from the small landscapes that characterize courtyards, halls, common areas, and the furnishings of hospitality, to ultimately reach the rooms that preserve views and perspectives. These architectures are artifacts in the broadest sense: anthropologies and phenomenologies of the tourist transition that have influenced development and shaped the identity of the Adriatic city, but also reflections of the changing use of natural resources that bring about a radical metamorphosis in terms of accessibility, erosion, land consumption, and pollution. The project investigates the constants, the enduring features that characterize these structures, which after seventy years still embody the desire for summer escapism for middle-class families. And along with the hotels, the beach, the shoreline on which the hills converge, stretching between the highway, SS16, and the promenade; an ecosystem made up of emergences and formal cultures, artifacts, signs, and icons of temporary belonging.

The aim of the project was to create a contemporary visual narrative, similar to what literature and photography have constructed of post-war Italy, starting from convincing tools such as the atlases of the Touring Club Italiano. Where the Adriatic Elsewhere, of hospitality and care, celebrated by millennia-old cultures that overlook this sea, is endlessly renewed.

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