November 12, 2005 - January 28, 2006

Other exhibits

Three years after their first show, Perino & Vele have come back to Turin to exhibit their latest installations realised for the new edition of Outside curated by Guido Curto, at Palazzo Bricherasio, and the Galleria Alberto Peola. These two spaces will be connected by a red line for the duration of the exhibitions, and visitors will be able to follow the dialogue that the artists develop through their work.

In this instance it delves into and explores the theme of torture. In their recent show, Kubark, in Naples they tackled the phenomenon of military torture; here their attention challenges the way animals without rights are used in military experimentation.
The first piece on show is Alf, an acronym of Animal Liberation Front. It was selected for the twelfth edition of Outside - a series of different site-specific contemporary art projects conceived to be exhibited outside Palazzo Bricherasio - where they will be on free display to passers-by. This piece, which measures more than six metres in height, shows a forklift as it tries to free an animal before it becomes a guinea pig for experimentation. 
Porton Down is the installation that will be exhibited in the Galleria Alberto Peola. This piece takes its name from the most important military research centre in the United Kingdom. It was here that a special farm was built in 1949, where animals are raised to be used in horrific experiments. The two artists have on this occasion transformed the Galleria Peola into a laboratory ready to carry out new chemical weapon tests on these guinea pigs.
The materials used in this installation are once again papier-mâché and galvanised iron. The papier-mâché is made of a pulp coming from the most popular Italian newspapers, which give rise to the various different colours. In this way, the words and printed images are recycled and the flow of mass media is transmuted into a work of art. 
The vast range of everyday objects and shapes that have gone into making up the oeuvre of these two artists is slowly changing: in their latest work they highlight the strong contrast between the soft form and rounded edges of papier-mâché and the hard durability of iron. 

Emiliano Perino was born in New York in 1973. 
Luca Vele was born in Rotondi (AV) in 1975. 
They have been working together in Rotondi (AV) since 1994.