• Martin Creed

November 8 - December 21, 2002

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«I think it's difficult to choose, to decide of one thing is more important than another. So what I try to do is choose without having to make a decision». True to his word, Martin Creed makes use of things that already exist, everyday things, or immaterial things - air, noise, light, a door-. He uses them to make and at the same time not to make in an attempt to achieve an impossible equilibrium, a 'perfect nothing.' 

A lot of his work can be considered conceptual art: art as an idea, where what we see embodies an idea. Creed, in fact, never stops questioning the idea of the artist's concept, the role of the artist and the value of art. His playful-conceptual installations aim at involving the spectator, who is inevitably encouraged to interact with the work. Making art 'with nothing' satisfies a need that brings together minimal simplicity, formal elegance and a touch of irony.

a large piece of furniture partially obstructing a door exemplifies the artist's philosophy perfectly: the installation introduces us to a series of everyday objects, such as pieces of furniture we might have at home, arranged in an unusual way and deprived of the use they were created for. The gallery's physical space is an integral part of the work, where the public finds its path blocked by the presence of awkwardly placed obstacles.