April 17 - May 18, 2002

Other exhibits

Perino and Vele´s work is made up of a myriad of small padded embroided papier maché cushion-like forms which are glued together onto iron and fibreglass structures to give the appearance of gigantic everyday forms, apparently soft and gentle to the touch, but in reality hard.

This is a slow and meticulous technique of working, employing simple everyday materials like dried and moulded newsprint pulp without the addition of colour, as the newspapers employed: Il Sole 24 Ore, Il Mattino, Italia Oggi, La Gazzetta dello Sport  provide subtle tonal varieties of yellow, green and pink. With surprising dexterity the artists succeed in transforming the world of news into immaginary landscapes that toy with the observers ability to recognize the hidden references concealed within the sculptural forms in an unexpected and ironic dimension.
For this, their first joint show in Turin, Perino and Vele will produce a large one-off installation which will take up the whole gallery space, transforming it into an extention of the artists´ studio. Here the visitors will not only come up against their work, but also the creative process behind it; the spectators find themselves inside a cellar containing Big archives, an enormous heap of containers each full of fresh papier maché, the same which is piled up against a shutter, blocking the entrance to this makeshift storeroom. Here the mass of pulp is simply waiting to be moulded.
«We mash up information to create our own information», made up of forms not words. «The world of information acquires form and volume, finding a more concrete identity in space, as well as in time: It can become work» (March 2001). But if their declared aim to "mash up information" was "create their own information", in offering us their prime raw material before it takes shape, Perino and Vele are now giving up hinting at their vision of reality.