February 23 - April 28, 2012

Other exhibits

Alberto Peola Gallery is pleased to present the third solo exhibition of work by Perino & Vele: L’eccezione che conferma la regola (The exception proves the rule).
The work by Perino & Vele explores how news reports and burning social issues covered by the press are often twisted by the mass media so as to generate and disseminate stereotypes and opinions that end up becoming commonly accepted truths.

The two artists have chosen papier-mâché created from newsprint to bear their message, which can only be deciphered after long and careful analysis. Time is also an important component here in terms of the physical creative process involved to make these artworks. The combined aim being to arouse a personal critical reflection on the themes alluded to and ultimately lead to discovering the awkward aspects of reality.

The title of the exhibition, L’eccezione che conferma la regola, is a reference to the capacity for critical analysis of events and information as they are represented. Tripping hazard is a sequence of pastel-drawn messages on papier-mâché posters laid one on top of the other. Each one is covered with commonplace expression often used when talking about different ethnic groups. A clear reading of the messages is made difficult because of the way they are exhibited, like layers of unauthorised flyers posted on walls; the ‘tripping hazard’ symbol is a clear message to the observer that they should try to avoid slipping into the mindset offered by stereotypes and preconceptions.
The sculpture Business is Business recalls one of the most common slogans used in the West, which legitimises any form of action, while at once guaranteeing impunity. This piece focuses our attention on issues that are often intentionally only lightly dusted by the press or not denounced to the degree that they should be, issues like unauthorised constructing, overbuilding and uncontrolled deforestation.
In the installation You, posters hang on the walls of the last room in the gallery where they partially cover the figure of a child encased in a cocoon in a last ditch attempt to shelter from the information bombarding its space, information which perhaps obscures the complexity of events that surround it. For Perino & Vele only that exceptional someone who avoids an uninformed and uncritical reading of facts can restore the boundaries of a sustainable reality.