March 5 - April 30, 2009

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text by Angelo Capasso

T. K. Hypno 

vision-dissolving tablets - 1 mg 

Pharmacological category: 
T.K. Hypno acts on the artistic pineal gland, and in particular on the kinetic and kinematic factors. It works on different types of solid cells, including J-Tati, hoffmanine, thriller, minimal tone and surreal film cells. It has strong oneiric properties and elevated hypnotic and analgesic effects, and it is useful in treating nervous conditions, anxiety, stress and painful syndromes resulting from reduced vision and neurovegetative response. 

Active ingredient: 
Each tablet contains analyticocene, the active ingredient required in both psychic and aesthetic analytical functions. It fragments diachronic narrative development by removing images bound to two-dimensional icons. It is the primary indicator of total immersion into visionary experiences. If taken periodically as directed by your doctor, it can have positive effects on the complexity and depth of vision.
Therapeutic indications: 
For the treatment of catalepsy caused by the banality of everyday life. It reduces anxiety, dissatisfaction resulting from a lack of taste sensitivity and stress-related nervous tension caused by confused social states of mind or a weakened irony.
Inactive ingredients: 
Each tablet contains black and white duotone in photographic form and screen objectification, which is produced using external inserts that complicate its two-dimensionality. These include protruding supports, partially inlaid mirrors, fans and other installation material. The inactive ingredients serve the following vital technical functions: they protect the active ingredient of the work from aggressive external forces (i.e. changes in the general cultural climate, humidity in the envious and critical sensitivity of less cultivated colleagues and chemical agents produced from indifference); they increase the volume of the visual ingredient present in the work (100-500 milligrams of active ingredient is a microscopic quantity with vast capabilities) and they facilitate the transformation of the substance into tablets (or into any other form or image); they act as a stabilizer for the resulting solutions and inscribe them in history so as to prevent the active ingredient from sinking deep into chaos and into the unknown; they promote absorption of the active ingredient by helping it to dissolve when it comes into our visual space; and they correct the mysteriously pleasant taste of the images and make them enigmatic, diffused and anti-Euclidian in spatial terms, at times provoking evaporation of the quadrangular spatial dimension through the use of angular screens that stimulate a broader geometric perception.
- for critics and independent curators: 
five or six tablets taken during periods of maximum theoretical output will relax analytical writing by oxygenating inspirational cells;
- for museum curators: 
unlimited dosage and purchase as directed by your gallery owner, to be taken alongside similar water-soluble products pertaining to minimalism, hyper- and hypo-realistic imagery, photography and video art of a strictly fantastical and visionary nature. T.K. Hypno has often demonstrated visionary effectiveness similar to that of matthewbarneyine; 
- for collectors: 
dosage will vary depending on the type of economic and visual investment. It is closely linked to how much has already been capitalized and an analysis of T.K. Hypno's superior quality over similar products, demonstrated by its presence in cellular contexts that are extremely complex in their cultural specificity, including archives, museums, Biennali and exhibitions of universal scope.
Shelf life and storage 
TK will not expire if properly stored in places of the same cultural tension. If a difference in tension or contact with other medications should occur, TK has a tendency to isolate itself, thereby limiting assimilation to the point where it detaches itself completely following the principles of self-evidence and expressive self-representation. It is thus preferable to store it properly as directed by your doctor in places that will synthesize its expressive potential and maintain its enigmatic properties. Pharmaceutical form 
Gallery containing ten vision-dissolving tablets.
Marketing authorization holder 
Galleria Alberto Peola - Turin
Head of Quality Control 
Angelo Capasso