07.03.2024 > 14.04.2024

Perspective Galerie, Paris

“Révéler” is a group show of four female artists, who reveal in their works the magical, sacred, mediumistic and emotional aspects of their relationships with the world. If for each of them, the starting point of their approach is linked to personal experiences, their works tell the legends, beliefs, memories and energies which populate our invisible universe, these interstices which link us to the natural world. In this exhibition, fauna and flora become a support for understanding, interconnection and salvation of Being.

‍Each artist, hailing from distinct cultural and geographic contexts, uses nature not only as an object of representation but also as a dynamic channel for the expression of unique narratives. Nature, in this context, assumes a multifaceted role as a symbolic repository, a living tableau that reflects the nuanced complexities inherent in their diverse horizons.

Victoria Stoian's abstract paintings contain shapes and signs. The variations of colors, the full and the thin, interweave in subtle layers the experience, the memory and the feelings of the Moldovan artist. The movements of the brushes and the different thicknesses of paint create a composition which represents instability, that of “the constant transformation of matter and our way of inhabiting the world”. With this series of paintings ‘Nistru Confines’, Victoria Stoian summons the ambivalent notions of borders, those between Moldova and Transnistria, but also that of the landscape, as a haven of peace.‍

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