Dreamscape - Biennale Son

16.09.2023 > 12.11.2023

International sound biennale, Valais (Switzerland)

Dreamscape is the second phase of a project launched in 2011.
Some 2,300 people around the world confided their dreams in Eva Frapiccini's Dreams' Time Capsule, an intimate inflatable space. The aim was to document the Jungian collective unconscious. Now, listening to this incredible archive is central to visitors' experience. In the dimly lit space, bathed in music by Sara Berts, it is possible to activate six sound sources, each connected to a keyword linked to the dreams that refer to it. The artist has categorized the dreams into six macro-groups: water, fall (or escape), door (or search for it), shadows (or ephemeral presences), teeth, hole (abyss, tunnel).


production by AlbumArte
with the support of the Italian Council 2023 - Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity and the Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo
© Amedeo Benestante

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